Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day
Valentine's Day isn't just about chocolate and candlelight dinners at drugstores. Many couples see it as a moment to look back on their relationship, take inventory, and plan for the future. For some, those plans include moving together.

While moving in with your partner can be a leap of faith, there are things you can do to smooth the transition. To help those couples considering the shift to roomie status, we’ve put together four of our top tips for life under the same roof.

Avoid discussions about schedule conflicts and key forgets

They need you to be at home to get a house cleaner. But you have plans to meet your friends. Or you left home and forgot your key ... Consider installing a smart lock on your front door to avoid the dilemma and schedule of discussions about lost keys. These clever devices can give both the flexibility to stay away from home at any time.

AirEKey Smart Lock is a great option and easy to install for both renters and homeowners. Both can use the AirEKey app on their smartphones to remotely attract visitors, from friends and family to those walking their dogs. This is a simple DIY update that has a huge impact on your daily harmony at home.
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Make time for self-care and prioritize rest

Just because you can spend time together 24 hours a day, 7 days a week doesn't mean you need to do that. It is important to be curious and always pay attention to yourself, especially after moving with you. Before you move, make time for your own hobbies. Make meals, read books, draw pictures, meditate. Anything that brings you joy and helps you replenish your energy. The time you spend with your partner will be better for it!

The most important thing is to make a conscious effort to prioritize rest. Many of us suffer from burnout, so it affects the amount of energy we put into maintaining a healthy relationship, especially when both are exhausted. Responsible for each other's normal bedtime can help both get the rest you need to appear to each other. If both are ready to call you a day in bed, you'll be grateful ... and if you're in a relationship forgetting if you locked the door, don't worry! AirEKey Smart Lock integrates voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant to ensure that your door is locked without getting out of bed.

Divide housework — but be flexible

When moving together, the truth is that no one wants to clean. But someone has to do it! The first time you move together, make a chart to make sure your household chores are evenly divided. Over time, you'll find a natural rhythm. One may prefer cooking, but the other finds that cleaning the bathroom is treated. (Everyone has a habit.) Similarly, be flexible when you need it. Sometimes you have a busy time and you can turn off the task if you want. If you get them back, they will have yours next time.

For days when neither can do the housework, or for busy partners, installing the AirEKey Smart Lock is like having a third roommate. With the lock installed, you can easily put in a professional cleaner via the AirEKey app or the AirEKey smart keypad.

Fit to your finances — soon!

One of the scariest parts about moving together is finances. Making financial assumptions can put you in a difficult situation in the future. Instead, establish the basic rules from the beginning — split everything in the middle? Perhaps the best earners will get more. Questions about fairness also fall into these conversations. If you earn the same income but one person has more wealth in your family, it may be fairer to weight your contribution accordingly.

Most importantly, always listen and come to a conversation about finances that are ready to compromise.

The AirEKey smart lock isn't just for the front door. They provide convenient keyless access to backdoors, side doors, garage doors and even sheds.

In addition, check out the sophisticated smart door lock bundle to completely refresh your doors in your new home. This is a great option if you are looking for a complete lock replacement to refresh your door lock, or if you just want to change the lock and start over with confidence.

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