Enjoy Your Smart Life with Full Controlling and Monitoring

Why the We.lock. 

Even if the lock is damaged from the outside, AI.One automatically shuts the stranger out during any attempted break-ins. Its battery life that can last for over a year. It is not only fingerprint supported, but also accessible via phone to unlock the door. The AI.One can handle any weather or power outages that comes its way. The AI.One is your first line of defense to keep your home and family safe. 

most advanced way to unlock your door

Your Finger is Your Key

By utilizing the Swedish imported FPC fingerprint sensor and semiconductor biometric fingerprint technology, Welock AI.One can store an up to 999 fingerprints. It can store 3 administrative and 996 other users; plenty of space to give all your family and friends access to your home easily.

Remote Controller to Unlock Your Door

Not close to the door? Got your hand full with other things? No worries, the AI.One remote control can solve all your problems. Open the door with a single push of a button wherever you are. 

Mobile Phone App To Unlock Your Door

Connect the AI.One phone app to the smart lock with its highly secured Bluetooth connection. Never get locked out again and always have access to your home no matter where you are. 

Wi-Fi Box Connecting 

Two features of the Wi-Fi box , unlock the door through your phone when it connects with the Wi-Fi box; Simply connect the Wi-Fi box, when use the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. 

Support Amazon Alexa

Welock AI.One can not only grant access to others and control the lock through the mobile app, but also is fully compatible with the Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. Simply say "Alexa, unlock my room" or "Echo, unlock my room"

Support Google Assistant  

Pairing your lock with the Google Assistant is one minute. Unlock the door by saying " Google, turn on Welock". Control your door with Google Assistant.

Automatic Lock

The Ai.One will automatic lock the door after a few seconds (5s to 14s) for the ultimate security.

Unrivaled Battery Life 

The Ai.One will automatic lock the door after a few seconds (5s to 14s) for the ultimate security.

Unique Security Circuit Board

Every lock has an unique security circuit board even if anyone tries to break it by force. With its restricted data access. the lock can not be open by force. When any attempts of jailbreaking or any rooting is detected, the app will block logins and delete all data. The rotation status of the smart lock does not change without a secured authorization process. The lock can only be opened by the homeowner and approved guests with the archived fingerprints and access sharing.

The Strongest Materials and Weatherproof 

The Ai .One lock has been designed and manufactured with safety as its No.1 priority. Developed for home safety, the Ai .One lock is your first line of defense to protect your home and family. The Ai .One smart lock comes with an stainless steel 304 deadbolt, which is the strongest material used for locks. It has full protection from people as well as weather thanks to its IP44 weatherproof. With its IP44 weatherproof, it can handle all weather conditions and climates.

US Standard and European Standard

How to install the smart lock

The biggest reasons that prevent people from updating their lock to a smart lock is the complicated installation or uncertainty if the lock will fit the door. No worries, the Welock offers both a US and European version. The only tool you need is a screwdriver to change the lock cylinder. The ’s simple installation only takes a few minutes and it’ll last for an entire year.All Welock Smart Locks simply attach to your existing locks on the inside of your door. 

USA Deadbolt Cylinders 

Euro Profile Cylinders


Standard                                    US standard, European Standard 
Remote Control;
Mobile Phone APP (Bluetooth Connection)
Google Assistant;
Amazon Echo
ColorSilver, Black
Battery TapeAAA Battery
Power Input 3.6V-4.8V
Battery Life> 1 year 
Battery ReplacementReplaceable
Materials304 Stainless Steel+Plastic
Waterproof GradeIP44
Security LevelSuper B,Bank Level
Fingerprints Number999(3 Admins+996 Users)
Remoter Number8 Remotes
Fingerprint SensorSweden Imports FPC Fingerprint Sensor
Fingerprint TechnologySemiconductor Biometric Fingerprint
Pressing Cycle Times100,000 Times
Rejection Rate0.01%
Recognition Rate0.003%
Automatic LockYes
OLED Liquid Crystal Display
Adjustable Door Lock TimeYes
Low Battery Reminder FunctionYes
Working Temperature-30℃~60℃(22℉~140℉)

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