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WE.LOCK love to share
Easy manage on your phone


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Make sure all your info is correct


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WE.LOCK PB000KEY24 installation guide


WE.LOCK PB000KEY24 setting guide


WE.LOCK SOHO-US-PCB passcode settings


1. What is the function of PB000KEY24 and PCB10KEY24?
PB000KEY24:Password / Mechanical key / USB backup key. PCB10KEY24:Password / Card / Bluetooth / Mechanical key / USB backup key /Temporary password.

2. When I turn the handle, I found find that the handle is able to rotate 360°, but will not open the door if I didn’t enter the correct password, is it normal?
Yes, it is normal phenomenon, please do not suspect that there is a problem with the lock. The reason why we set the handle to be able to rotate 360° is to avoid damage to the handle due to violence, another one is that you can turn the handle in any direction left or right to open the door.

3. What is the USB backup key and Mechanical key for?
Mechanical key and USB backup key are spare key,for emergency situations, like when you can’t open the door as you forgot your password or the battery run out.

4. What is the default password?
The default password is 123456

5. What door thickness is suitable for?
Lock fits door thinckness is 35-50mm

6. Where can I get the battery?
It use 4 pcs AAA battery,please buy the best quality battery at your local store.

7. Does the lock support charging?
sorry, our lock doesn't support charging.

8. What type of door is suitable for our locks?
Interior door , wooden door.

9. What should I do when I receive the lock?
When you received the lock, please modify the default password “123456” to your own admin password first, so please keep it in your mind

10. What is the waterproof rating?

11. How long is the warranty period? 2
years, but if you activate the warranty card, the warranty is 50 years

12. How long is the battery life?
One year.

13. Where can I find the guide video?
Youtube link:

14. Where can I find the lock ID?
Please find the lock ID with 8 digits number on the middle of lock, or find it on packing box.

15. What is the language of the lock?
For now, only English and Chinese.

16. How many password can be set?
10 groups password. (1 admin password, 9 user passwords.)

17. Can I unlock the lock via moblie phone?
Yes, can do it, just download "welock lite"app on your app store or Google play.

18. Where can I find the app?
please search the "Welock lite"app on your app store or Googleplay store.

19. Does APP support IOS version?
Yes, APP supports IOS and Android version.

20. Can the smart lock remain unlocked all the time?
Yes, you can open the vacation mode, then the lock is always unlocking until you close it.

PBOOOKEY24 manual download

Download English Manual



This is a great smart door lock for your Airbnb or bedroom door if you have roommates or if you have a vacation rental and want to lock off a closet door. 

It's very easy to install. All you need to do is supply 4*AAA batteries.Technology like this is pretty new.



Green Light Shooting

The handle looks like brushed and it's heavy and solid so nice build quality.


Emergency charging port for you is supper supper awesome. Maybe you're locked out, you can have battery backup power.

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It is really high quality with shiny metallic finished along with secure and straightforward design to ensure user friendliness and compatibility.

Samuel Lewis

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